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JWIPC Cedar Trail MB Launch,the world’s first

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     J&W is known as the Evergreen tree in IT Industry , Even it’s the hard time for most MB manufacturer. J&W still go ahead with strong stride. As JWIPC established and announced to march to the Industrial MB marketing , The Industry generally suppose it will bring a great change for Industrial MB Market structure.
Based on the Powerful R & D team and the and the manufacturing capability, Within three months, JWIPC has developed ( some is developing), total more than 30 projects . both domestic and overseas customers come in a throng, and seeking the opportunities to cooperate with local China strongest R&D and biggest domestic factory..
INTEL embedded Alliance
     Invited by Intel, JWIPC passed the Company evaluation, Solution audit, Product testing, R&D capability assessment etc, which proceeded by USA Intel Headquarters . and joined the Intel Embedded Alliance on Dec 2011.
     In future, JW IPC will closely cooperate with INTEL at technical support, joint promotion, market development, opportunities sharing and Customer training.
     The Cedar View platform, applying the 32nm process, TDP less than 10W, and the built-in core which can support DX10.1.
     JWIPC have different solution for CPU D2700 and D2500.D2700, dual-core,with four thread design, Frequency 2.13GHz.D2500 single core, Frequency 1.86GHz.
     The JWIPC combined with INTEL, Released the world's first CEDAR TRAIL platform products , Specification cover Mini ITX and NANO ITX MB .Moreover, there are total 8 ATOM products launch at the same time.
NANO ITX Front View
NANO ITX Back View 
     JWIPC NANO ITX IC7N1012, size 12x12CM, Support HDMI,MSATA,MINI PCIE, Widely apply to Digital Signage and Multi-media player. 
     MINI ITX, Size :17 * 17CM, JWIPC Model ITX - IC7M1026, IC7M1016, IC5M1026, IC5M1016,covers from entry level to high-end products, used for thin client, POS, KIOSK, game machines etc. Base on difference application, JWIPC developed the product  D2700 & D2500 dual and single LAN port optional.
JWIPC Cedar Trail series are dark blue PCB, with INTEL ICH8 chipset, integrated with INTEL GMA3150 graphic, support LVDS / VGA / DVI dual display , with a DDR3 1066 / 1333MHz SO-DIMM slot. There are 1 MSATA , 8 USB, 6 ( PIN ) serial port on board. and support HDMI HD output.