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JWIPC Release OPS new product on Intel Digital Signage and R

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     On December 23, 2011, INTEL third digital signage and retail summit held in Shenzhen  Sheraton hotel. INTEL China embedded and consumer electronics product marketing manager Mr. Liu Feng gave the keynote speech, shared digital signage industry of the current situation and development trend, and explained INTEL’s Vision and development strategy in future. At the same time, Intel also demonstrates the latest, the coolest digital signage technology.
     As the core cooperation partner of Intel, JWIPC was invited to show the latest products. JWIPC Sales Director Mr. Peng Yuan Tao introduced Digital signage Standard Module---OPS. The product is easy to install, upgrade and maintain, with the advantage of TCO.

      JWIPC Released the first OPS product on the Summit. The product is co-developed by Intel & JWIPC. OPS means Open Pluggable Specification, and this standard is made by INTEL and his cooperation partner.

 JWIPC OPS product was praised by the participants, they had a good communication with JWIPC Sales Director Mr.Peng Yuan Tao on the product application and technical features. 

JWIPC Sales Director Mr.Peng Yuan Tao Show the OPS module characteristics. 


 Group photo with Mr Cheol Kim, Intel Market Development Manager.