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MINIX-ITX Industrial MB Drove by two Wings: Cedar Trail Plat

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  Cedar Trail platform is the third generation of Atom, after the Pine Trail platform. Intel is planning to promote it in the third quarter. The performance of Cedar Trail platform makes a great improvement comparing to Pine Trail platform. So far, few products on Cedar Trail platform are put in market, but at the Taipei Computex in the early June, J&WIPC pioneered to display the first self-research MINIX with 32nm on Cedar Trail platform. MINIX characterizes with ultra-low power consumption by adopting passively reducing heat design without fan.

  MINIX, the brand of J&WIPC, mainly promotes ITX motherboard, and forces on professional, high-level netbook and industrial motherboard.

  The Cedar Trail platform and the Pine Trail platform share the same chipset, NM10. The improvement of CPU’ **is the highlight of Cedar Trail. Intel named the CPU corresponding with Cedar Trail as Cedar View. So far, the Cedar Trail series has models such as D2500, D2700 and so on. According to Intel, the power dissipation of Cedar Trail series CPU is decreased and the basic frequency is increased.

  According to Intel’ s data about power dissipation and basic frequency, the highest basic frequency of Pine View series CPU is 1.8G while the Cedar Trail’s can reach 2.4G; the Pine View series D525 CPU ‘s TDP is 18W, while the Cedar Trail’s can be lower than 10W. The reducing of power dissipation is mainly beneficial from the progress of manufacturing skills. The Pine View series CPU adopts 45nm manufacturing skill while the Cedar Trail series adopt 32nm manufacturing skill.
  In this case, the motherboard built on the Cedar Trail platform can perform in a even smaller space without fan. As to memory, MINIX ITX-IC7M1026 supports DDR3 1066MHZ, makes a great progress, comparing to Pine Trail series’ 800MHZ.
  Especially, as to the graphical display, MINIX ITX-IC7M1026 supports hardware decoding 1080P, and becomes the DX10.1 graphics card.  The master chip also supports original connectors of VGA, LVDS, HOMI.

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